Demographic Targeting

Programmatic Display

we have the ability to touch on many different demographic profiles

Demographic Targeting

Whether you're looking to connect with Hispanic moms, African American parents, or millennials, rest assured that we have the expertise and tools to ensure your message reaches your desired core demographic effectively and prominently.

Geographic Targeting + Demographic Layering

That’s what we all want as advertisers and businesses.  If we have done the research and know who our core audience, we simply want to continue connecting and engaging with that audience.  Through our demographic targeting methods, we have the ability to touch on many different demographic profiles including:

• Race (African Americans, Hispanic, etc..)
• Parents
• Income
• Education
• Interest Categories
• Hobbies
• Industry
• Political Affiliation (Leaning)

How Do We Layer Demographic Targeting?

3rd Party Segment

In addition to our own capabilities, we have partnered with global collaborators who have curated their own audience segments, which are widely recognized and validated by our team. Whether your goal is to target mothers, African Americans, Hispanics, or any other specific demographic, we have the solutions in place to assist you in honing in on your ideal customer with precision and accuracy.

Contextual Categories

As we previously discussed, our keyword contextual targeting is a powerful tool. We offer over 350 contextual categories to choose from, enabling you to fine-tune your advertising strategy and get closer to your desired psychographic and demographic profiles. This level of precision ensures that your campaigns are highly effective and tailored to your specific audience.


Our team has access to a vast network of over hundreds of thousands of websites and apps where we can bid on and display your clients' advertisements. Whether you're looking to reach a Hispanic audience aged 25 to 50 or send messages to African Americans living in Atlanta, Georgia, our demographic targeting capabilities have got you covered. With us, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to precisely targeting your desired audience.

Demographic + Geofencing

When you combine our advanced demographic targeting capabilities with cutting-edge location-based mobile advertising that taps into people's physical activities and preferred destinations, remarkable outcomes unfold. Our state-of-the-art geofencing technology empowers advertisers to connect with users no matter where they are – whether it's your competitors' establishments, your own storefront, or the events they participate in. Leveraging our precise polygon tracking, we can precisely target specific buildings (not just entire city blocks) that your ideal audience frequents.

The Possibilities For Hyper Local & Demographic Targeting Are Endless:

  • Event Targeting
  • Sporting & Music Events
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Competitor Locations
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Intersections of Popular Streets
  • Stadiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Malls & Strip Centers

We take great pride in our geofencing capabilities. There's simply no other technology that can match the level of precision and audience customization that we offer.

Key Geo Fencing Benefits
  • Only Need Location Services of Mobile Device Turned On.  NO OTHER REQUIREMENTS NEEDED
  • 90% of individuals typically have location services turned on
  • Does not require Physical BEACONS
  • Location File Import and Export Capability
  • Granular Localization via Custom Shapes & Sizes
  • Target location visitors or event attendees for 1 day – 30 days
  • Serve ads across the 600,000 App’s we have access to
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location
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What Is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display is an automated form of purchasing display inventory that cuts out the manual work and makes it possible to dedicate more time to analysis and strategic optimizations. This is taken a step further by Real-Time Bidding (RTB), which is bidding on individual impressions based on how valuable they are to you. Instead of paying a flat Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM), you pay a dynamic CPM that allows you to save money and focus on the individual users who are most likely to convert.  See all of the programmatic solutions our team can provide.

Geo Fencing

Target your audience on their smartphones at certain buildings, parks, events, or locations with our state-of-the-art technology.

Conversion Zone Tracking

With Conversion Zone Tracking, we can determine the people who saw your ads and then in fact came back to your store.

Site Retargeting

Your best customers are those who already expressed an interest.  Our site retargeting is unparalleled to others.

Search Retargeting

Similar to Google Adwords & Bing, we can target people around the web based on their actual search terms.

CRM Retargeting

Have a list of emails or physical address?  We can upload to our system and target that list via mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Keyword Contextual Targeting

We have access to over 350 categories relevant to your audience and can target keywords that show up websites in those categories.

Programmatic Video

Video is now just as powerful as static Ads.  We can layer video onto practically all of our programmatic solutions.

Event Targeting

Event targeting allows you to target people at certain times in very specific locations (conference, sporting events, parks, buildings).

Demographic Targeting

Target your ideal demographic audience based on ethnicity, gender, income and other critical profiles.

Real Time Dashboard To Measure All Campaigns

24/7 Dashboard Analytics Reporting

Don’t wait a full month before you receive robust reporting.  Get it 24/7. Tracking online conversions (form submissions and sales) is one thing. But measuring offline conversions is something that couldn’t be done before until now. We are able to track conversions both online, as well as offline conversions (i.e. those who came back to your restaurant, retail store, desired location).If you are leveraging our location based technology to directly communicate and reach your desired audience, contact us on how we’d develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals. Learn more about our conversion zone tracking capabilities.

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